To join us

As a student

I’m keen to supervise students who are theoretically oriented, strong in formal/mathematical reasoning and fun loving! Here is what we do (slightly outdated).

You can find some general information here on studying in our graduate school (Grad. School of Inform. Sci. & Tech.).

As an MSc/PhD student

The MSc program usually takes 2 years and PhD 3 years. Those students who are under my supervision belong to Group MMM (aka Hasuo Lab.). Research groups in Japan are commonly called “labs”; here is the list of “labs” in our department.

To enroll you must:

  1. pass a department-wide entrance exam, and
  2. convince me of your competence.

Our entrance exam is known to be selective. It happens twice (in Feb and Aug) every year: here are some details and the archive of past questions. You are advised to contact me before applying for the exam.

Once you pass the exam you will be assigned to one of the “labs.” In order to belong to ours you must convince me of your interest and strength in mathematical reasoning.

Note that you must pay tuition fees (approx. 500,000 JPY a year); this is also true for the PhD program. There are hardly any grant schemes that financially support MSc students. For PhD students there are some, and I am more than happy to help a promising student to find one. Such schemes include Monbukagakusho (MEXT) scholarship. Consult here for further details.

As an intern or a “research student”

I do not accept interns or “research students” (whose course work is not intended for any specific academic degree), unless I see strong relevance in your application (e.g. detailed research statements, recommendation from somebody in my research community, publication records, etc.). Note also that I usually cannot offer financial support to internship students. Organizations like this offer support; if you are from US, this is one possibility.