David Sprunger

David in Iceland


You can email me by replacing the space in my name at the top of this page with a dot and adding the usual gmail suffix.

You can also send me physical mail at:
ERATO Hasuo Project
Palace Side Building 3F
Hitotsubashi 1-1-1
Tokyo 100-0003, Japan
I am a project researcher at the ERATO MMSD project in Tokyo. This project aims to extend formal methods and software verification techniques to cyber-physical systems, with particular emphasis on applications to automotive control and manufacturing.

I received a PhD in mathematics at Indiana University in August 2017 as a student of Larry Moss. My academic research interests are primarily in coalgebra, logic, and category theory. Since moving to Tokyo, I have been developing an interest in quantitative refinements of bisimulation and other coalgebraically defined structures. I have also been looking into deep learning and neural networks.
Here are my dblp and Google Scholar pages.


  1. Fibrational Bisimulations and Quantitative Reasoning
    with Shin-ya Katsumata, Jérémy Dubut, and Ichiro Hasuo, CMCS 2018.
  2. Precongruences and parametrized coinduction for logics for behavioural equivalence
    with Lawrence Moss, CALCO 2017.
  3. A complete logic for behavioural equivalence in coalgebras of finitary set functors
    CMCS 2016.
  4. Eigenvalues and transduction of morphic sequences
    with with Jörg Endrullis, Lawrence Moss, and William Tune, DLT 2014.
  5. Linearization of automatic arrays and weave specifications
    MFPS 2013.