G3: Formal Methods and Intelligence

Tokyo Site

Paolo Arcaini. Group Leader; Project Associate Professor (NII)

Fuyuki Ishikawa. Group Sub-Leader; Associate Professor (NII)

Xiaoyi Zhang. Researcher; Project Assistant Professor (NII)

Kenji Taguchi. Researcher; Project Researcher (NII)

Tsutomu Kobayashi. Researcher; Project Researcher (NII)

Stefan Klikovits. Researcher; Project Researcher (NII)

Ezequiel Castellano. Technician; Project Technical Specialist (NII)

Augstin Eloy Martinez Sune. PhD Student;
University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina


Masami Hagiya. Advisor; Professor (U Tokyo)

Naoki Kobayashi. Advisor; Professor (U Tokyo)

Daisuke Sakamoto. Advisor; Associate Professor (Hokkaido U)