Shin-ya Katsumata

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Research Field

My research field is theoretical computer science.


Introduction to Programming (at Doshisha University, the first semester, 2013-16; elementary Processing programming)
Programming I (at Doshisha University, the first semester, 2009-2012; elementary Java programming)
Introduction to computer science (at Kyoto University, the first semester, 2006-11,2013-16; untyped lambda calculus and Church-Turing thesis)

Recent Papers

Academic activities

International conference general chair: FLOPS 2024
International conference program committee: CSL 2024, CALCO 2023, ICFP 2023, LICS 2023, CSL 2023, TFP 2022, LICS 2022, FoSSaCS 2022, POPL 2022, FLOPS 2020, MFPS 2019, MFPS 2018, ICFP 2017, ICALP 2015, MFPS 2014, APLAS 2013, ICFP 2013, FLOPS 2010
International conference local organizing co-chair: ICFP 2016 (with Susumu Nishimura)
International workshop chair:
International workshop program committee: HOPE 2023, SRC ICFP 2022, RTPTE 2022, MSFP 2022, CMCS 2020, MSFP 2018, TyDe 2018, HOPE 2018, ML Family Workshop 2017, CMCS 2016
International school organizer: Shonan school “Semantics of effects, resources, and applications” (with Marco Gaboardi)
Domestic workshop chair: CSCAT 2018, PPL 2013 (with Katsuhiko Gondow), CSCAT 2010
Domestic workshop program committee: PPL 2022, PPL 2010, PPL 2008, PPL 2007

Contact Information

Shin-ya Katsumata
Project Professor at National Institute of Informatics
Postal address: ERATO Hasuo Project, Palace Side Building 3F,
Hitotsubashi 1-1-1, Tokyo 100-0003, Japan