Shin-ya Katsumata

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Research Field

My research field is theoretical computer science.


Introduction to Programming (at Doshisha University, the first semester, 2013-16; elementary Processing programming)
Programming I (at Doshisha University, the first semester, 2009-2012; elementary Java programming)
Introduction to computer science (at Kyoto University, the first semester, 2006-11,2013-16; untyped lambda calculus and Church-Turing thesis)

Recent Papers

Academic Activities

Program (co)chair: LOLA 2015, PPL 2013
Program committee member: TyDe 2018, MSFP 2018, MFPS 2018, ICFP 2017, CMCS 2016, ICALP 2015, MFPS XXX, APLAS 2013, ICFP 2013, FLOPS 2010, PPL 2010, PPL 2008, PPL 2007
Organiser: CSCAT 2010
Organising committee member: Camp-style workshop on GoI, TSMC and IC

Contact Information

Shin-ya Katsumata
Project Associate Professor at National Institute of Informatics
Postal address: ERATO Hasuo Project, Palace Side Building 3F,
Hitotsubashi 1-1-1, Tokyo 100-0003, Japan