Camp-style Workshop
Geometry of Interaction,
Traced Monoidal Categories and
Implicit Complexity

Date24 Aug. 20091.20pmOpening
1.30pmThe first lecture begins
28 Aug. 200912.00pmClosing
Lunch will be served after closing
(The workshop is over.)
Venue Kansai Seminar House
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Ulrich Schoepp, Marc de Falco, Damiano Mazza, Paul-Andr.ANi MelliNhs, Michele Basaldella, Youichi Hirai, Craig Pastro, Naohiko Hoshino, Masahiro Hamano
Nao Hirokawa, Kazushige Terui, Daisuke Kimura, Kazuyuki Asada, Masaru Shirahata, Hiroshi Naruse
Shin-ya Katsumata, Erik Wennstrom Esfandiar Haghverdi, Massahito Hasegawa, Hiroyuki Miyoshi, Makoto Hamana

Access to Kansai Seminar House

Information by Google Maps

From Kansai international airport (KIX) to Kyoto station

West Japan Railway (JR) operates airport express Haruka every 30 minutes. The journey takes approximately 75 minutes. The price for a reserved seat is 3290yen.

From Kyoto station to Kansai seminar house

One way is to go directly to Kansai seminar house by taxi. It costs 3000 - 3500 yen. When you arrive at Kyoto station, go out from the central exit, then proceed to the taxi stop. You can show this slip to the taxi driver. Not every taxi can accept credit cards.

Another way is to go to Kitayama or Matsugasaki station by subway then take a taxi. This is a cheaper route than the above one. This page explains how to ride the subway.

For the exact locations of the places mentioned above, please see the google map.

Organising Committee


Shin-ya Katsumata
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University
Tel: +81-75-753-7282

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