Internship Students

NB. The following description applies when you’d like to come under the NII International Internship Program. In case you have very strong relevance to our topics, there will be other opportunities, too, such as using our own external funding.

About the NII International Internship Program (in General)

Our institute NII offers internship opportunities to MSc and PhD students affiliated with institutes with MoU agreements.

Calls are made twice a year; your application should be made to your institute, not directly to NII or to us. However, contacting me (as your prospective internship supervisor) before filing an official application is highly recommended.

After your application, the ultimate selection is by NII, not by me personally. Nevertheless, NII does ask me about my preferences.

Contact Guideline

I tend to get contacts from many candidates. Please use this form for contacting me. If your first contact is by email, there is a chance that I’ll miss it.

Deadline (for Filling the Form)

10 days before the official NII deadline (e.g. Oct 24 for the 2022 2nd call).

  • I will examine your material and contact you by a week before the NII deadline.
  • In your application to your institute, you can have a list of 3 topics, ordered by your preferences. Therefore contacting other prof’s as well is recommended, in case we don’t find a good match between your background and our topics.
  • In case you didn’t make it for the above deadline, please consider the next call. Calls are made twice a year.


Feel free to ask me questions in advance, although my replies tend to be late. Send them to (i.hasuo [at] with the subject “NII Internship Inquiry.”


What if your school does not have an MoU with NII?

The NII International Internship Program will not apply to you. However, if the relevance of your technical background is strong, we might be able to fund your stay using other sources. Please feel free to contact us. (My email correspondences tend to be lazy, sorry. Please follow the contact guideline above.)