Masaki Hara (原 将己)

I'm Masaki Hara (原 将己), a 2nd-year master's degree student, who is formally in Kobayashi Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo. My formal supervisor is Naoki Kobayashi.

However, I'm effectively a member of Hasuo Laboratory, which was in The University of Tokyo. My effective supervisor, as a delegated studentship, is Ichiro Hasuo.

Room 3, ERATO Hasuo Project, Palace Side Building 3F, Hitotsubashi 1-1-1, Tokyo 100-1003, Japan
or Room 615, Faculty of Science Building 7, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113-0033
E-mail address or

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