Best Paper Award at ICECCS 2019

Dr. Xiaoyi Zhang, Dr. Paolo Arcaini and Dr. Fuyuki Ishikawa have been awarded the best paper award at ICECCS 2019 — the 24th International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems.

Xiao-Yi Zhang, Paolo Arcaini, Fuyuki Ishikawa:
Assessing the Relation Between Hazards and Variability in Automotive Systems. ICECCS 2019: 190-199. [ieee]

The three authors are members of ERATO MMSD Project (Group 3, led by Fuyuki Ishikawa).

ICECCS is one of the top international conferences in the field of formal methods (CORE rank A). This is the second best paper award in a row at ICECCS from ERATO MMSD, following the last year.